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Leading By ExampleTM, Always.

AAI has been committed to providing our clients with a highly-qualified team of reliable taxiway, runway, and airside/terminal security escorts since 1998.

We believe in treating every member of our team with respect, offering consistent training opportunities, and competitive benefit packages.

Our success has been built on a unique system of support, honesty, and partnership between our people, our clients, and our management team.

The AAI Vision

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History By Example


Established in 1998, AAI was founded on the understanding that our people are our strongest asset. Our founders envisioned a positive working culture that was flexible to both client and employee needs – and over 23 years later, this is still how we operate today.

We drive our company forward through engagement, respect, understanding, and good faith between staff, management, and clients alike.

We have successfully expanded into multiple markets, and our businesses currently include:

Combining all branches, we employed over people in Canada pre-COVID, and more than 400 during the pandemic.

Our business was founded on handshakes, leading by example, and determination to do better – and these principles continue to drive our ongoing integrity as a service provider.

We work with a wide selection of CanadA's finest

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We act with integrity, taking ownership and accountability of our actions.

Health and Safety

We are committed to safety, in everything we do. Safety is our primary concern: for our clients, our staff, and the public. We follow industry best practice at all times, integrating them with our clients’ own practices to ensure the highest standards in safety are achieved consistently.


We find strength in our differences. A diverse workforce creates a safe, supportive, and progressive environment for everyone. Learn More


We take a proactive approach to overcoming challenges, our agility and adaptability make us stronger.

Investing in Our People and Our Communities

We believe in investing in our people and the communities around us.


We are transparent in everything we do, nurturing an environment of commitment and trust with our clients and employees.

We're Proud to Be Members of

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The AAI Philosophy

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AAI Security
We consistently strive for better - and always aim to Lead by ExampleTM.

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