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Creating optimal working environments

We believe in health & safety – for our employees, management, and clients alike.

We’re committed to creating a safe working environment where our workforce is empowered to take action and responsibility for their own health and safety, as well as those around them.

Our health & safety protocol

To ensure the continued safety of our clients and our team, we continually invest in high-quality health and safety training, ongoing safety assessments, and dedicated safety personnel.


Our health & safety assessments and audits include:

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Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (H.I.R.A)

Our trusted third party-accredited contractor conducts interviews with employees on-site, completes a thorough site inspection, and interviews management to provide recommendations on safety improvements within operations.

Workplace Environmental Audits

These audits include an overall assessment of environmental impact caused by AAI operations.

Site Safety Inspections

These are completed by supervisors prior to work beginning to identify any potential risks and hazards for our employees/clients/passengers.

Our ongoing health and safety training efforts include:

Daily Toolbox Talks

These pre-shift advisories from supervisors detail specific safety awareness topics for that specific shift.

On-The-Job Training

Providing specific training on site, on-the-job training ensures tasks are understood and the person is capable of performing them. This also includes I-Spring Modules compliance tracking and record keeping.

IS Networld

ISN is our online training module record keeping. AAI staff must maintain certain modules to be eligible for work.

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Monthly Joint health & Safety Committee Meetings

Each of our locations has a health and safety committee in place to ensure standards are maintained throughout the workforce.

Health and Safety

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