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Custom Technology For Transportation Management

We build custom apps and technology to meet the operational, safety, and security needs of airports and transportation hubs.

With over 30 years of experience in supporting human-based operations, our custom technologies allow us to streamline many areas of a business on short notice. We have a proven ability in building customized technological solutions to support essential operations for our clients.

Our aviation industry technology solutions


Scale up or scale down your AAI workforce as your operational needs change with MY SRA, our custom Service Request App.

Using your own phone or tablet, you can easily order the AAI services you need, from DA Escorts to Fire Watch to Baggage Handlers and everything in between.

Designed to give you full control of your AAI account, MY SRA allows you to:

Our onsite supervisors will use the app to mobilize required staff, streamlining operations and communications between you, them, and staff on-call for the day

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Shift Reporting Platforms

Designed for frontline employees, our customized shift reporting tool collects data from the frontline team in real-time and provides on-shift daily reporting, as well as incident report data.

Via a private web link, management can receive customized KPI data reporting, ensuring you have instant access to the live, actionable data that matters most to you.

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Custom Client Portals

Completely customized to the functionality and requirements that will best benefit your operations, AAI’s custom client portals are designed to streamline your staff’s daily tasks and track the KPIs that matter most.

Options for your custom portal can include:


Performance Dashboards


Online Training Systems


Standard Processes & Procedures


Compliance Tracking Software

Technology solutions designed to solve your problems

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