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Strength Through Difference

At AAI, we know we’re not all the same – and we believe that’s our greatest strength. To encourage and embrace diversity at AAI, we have The Leading by ExampleTM Committee: our pioneers of change for diversity and inclusion. At AAI, we aim to be pioneers of change in diversity and inclusion. We will do so by drawing on our unique differences, experiences, and perspectives to create a supportive and progressive learning environment for all. We will work collaboratively to advocate and support diversity within our company, to encourage our employees to expand their knowledge of diversity and will staunchly promote equal opportunity for all.

Highlights of our recent diversity survey

Our recent internal survey – “Let’s Cover the Map” was completed by employees from over 22 countries!


Meet the Committee

Nikolas Lovric

Nikolas Lovric

Contract Manager


Brian Benskin

Supervisor, USBT & Metrolinx Trainer


Apisha Naghanathen

HR Coordinator


Jose Cardenas

Bus Marshller, USBT


Cristy Joy Josue

AAI Security Escort, YYZ


Ma Daryl Patanindagat

AAI Security Escort, YYZ


Jack Catney

Service Delivery Manager

Our Recent Diversity Initiatives

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During the month of February, the Leading by ExampleTM Committee celebrated Black History Month by recognizing four black Canadians who made great strides during their time.
Willie O’Ree

Willie O’Ree, a former Canadian ice hockey player and the first black ice hockey player to play in the National Hockey League.

Portia White

Portia White, a brilliant Canadian contralto who was known for becoming the first Black Canadian concert singer to become internationally renowned.

Elijah McCoy

Elijah McCoy, an inventor and engineer most notable for 57 US patents, most of them to do with the lubrication of steam engines.

Rosemary Brown

Rosemary Brown, a Canadian politician who helped found the British Columbia Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (BCAACP) in 1956.


We have partnered with Ernestine Women’s Shelter in Etobicoke. Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter was opened in 1983 by a group of community members who saw a need for a safe place for women and children fleeing violence and abuse. We are currently coordinating donations of feminine hygiene supplies across all divisions in Ontario.