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AAI Training Programs Empowering Airside Excellence

AAI Solutions introduces you to the zenith of aviation training, meticulously crafted for the complexities of today’s airside operations. Dive deep into our hallmark offering: the Airside Vehicle Operator Permit (AVOP) training. Designed with precision, our program cultivates the skills and knowledge essential for seamless and safe airside vehicle operations.

Leading by ExampleTM The Gold Standard in Airside Training


What sets AAI Solutions apart in the crowded world of aviation training? With a legacy spanning over 25 years, AAI has been the trusted ally for major airports and transportation hubs across Canada. Our seasoned expertise, coupled with an unwavering commitment to safety, has carved out our space as industry trailblazers.

AAI Solutions is not just another name in the world of aviation training. Our team, a blend of profound industry experience and academic excellence, holds the highest operational certifications. From D AVOP, DA AVOP to ROC-A, our trainers are certified stalwarts. Our accolades include the coveted Eye on Safety Awards and the rigorous ISN contractor safety certification, reiterating our commitment to safety above all.

Tailored for Aviation's Best

Our comprehensive training program is the perfect fit for those destined for airside excellence. Whether you’re ground staff, an airside escort, or integral aviation personnel, our AVOP training is your passport to mastering airside operations at Canadian airports.

Why AVOP Certification Is Essential

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