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Accurate & efficient Baggage Handling

Your baggage handlers have a crucial role to play in ensuring flights stay on schedule, and passengers are kept satisfied.

The AAI baggage handling teams combine custom baggage handling systems, innovative technology, and consistent refresher training to deliver responsive, agile, and flexible baggage services to major airports across Canada.

Our teams work quickly and conscientiously to ensure your passengers’ baggage is delivered on time to keep your flights on schedule.


Streamlined Baggage Handling solutions

Trained, reliable professional baggage handlers

Every member of the AAI team has been professionally trained to industry standards and arrive on-site with a thorough understanding of baggage operations. We provide all of our employees with a professional uniform and ensure complete PPE compliance, where appropriate.

Baggage handling

Baggage handling system audits

Our expert team will thoroughly review your current baggage systems, providing a full report with recommended procedural improvements. With years of experience aiding Canadian airports of all sizes, we have a proven track record of minimizing baggage mishandlings and improving working efficiencies.

Agile baggage handling solutions for fast-paced environments

With a proven ability to recruit, train, and deploy the correct level of resources in short notice, we can deploy our highly-skilled baggage handlers as and when you need them.

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