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Bus Marshalling & Traffic Management Solutions

With over 40 years of senior management experience in the bus transportation sector, AAI has created our own marshalling signals, in partnership with Metrolinx, to set the new standard.

Keep your operation running on time with our industry-defining standards

We’ve implemented aviation standard operating procedures to improve safety for both civilians and pedestrians during transit. Our personnel also follow both individual airport and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standards at all times to keep traffic flowing and managed properly.

Helping with traffic flow and management, bus breakdown support, and EVAC support within terminals, our bus marshalls and traffic management teams ensure pedestrian and civilian safety at all times.

Our bus marshalling & traffic management services

Bus Marshalling

Bus Marshalling

Providing complete bus marshalling services to airports around the country, our trained personnel ensure safe maneuvering of vehicles, keeping civilians safe at all times.

With consistent, reliable reporting of general terminal safety, and offering professional suggestions for improvement, our teams are dedicated to making sure your operations run safely and smoothly.

Our team will make sure that civilians and passengers stay out of restricted zones at all times. They’ll also be there to report any potential hazards to ensure that the terminal remains a safe place for staff and civilians.

The AAI management team developed the training program and SOPs for bus marshalling in Ontario so you can have accurate and reliable reporting, high-quality data capturing, and happy travelers.


Pedestrian Marshalling

Our highly-trained pedestrian marshals are focused on keeping people safe in high traffic environments.

They have a thorough understanding of tactical communication, positioning, and hand signals making them equipped to keep a controlled flow over civilian traffic and vehicle traffic.

As AAI developed the training program and SOPs for pedestrian marshalling in Ontario, our personnel are fully trained in ensuring a safe environment, offering wayfinding suggestions and identification, and providing complete reporting solutions.

Vehicle Dispatching

Vehicle Dispatching

Our vehicle dispatching is a safe, reliable, and courteous service for travelers.

With extensive experience in providing vehicle dispatch services, our vehicle dispatch team provides a 24/7 service at the terminal for arriving travellers.

All AAI employees are provided a professionally-designed uniform, the required PPE, and are trained annually on customer service skills and effective conflict resolution techniques.

AAI will develop strategic resource plans to support your daily requirements and has supplemental staff available to support irregular operations and severe weather.

Traffic Flagging

Traffic Flagging & Construction Site Flagging Services

Our accredited traffic flagging personnel ensure adequate visual guidance exists for the safe movement of vehicular traffic at large airports, transportation hubs, municipal roads and construction sites. We follow the Provincial Ministry standards and guidelines for training traffic control persons to guarantee our workforce are prepared for all scenarios.

The AAI team use industry-recognized hand signals to direct traffic through designated flagging areas, and use the appropriate PPE to designated job sites.

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