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Investing In People

To ensure our team is able to maintain the high standards we’re known for, we implement consistent training and education schedules across all of our operation areas.

core training

We believe in investing in our people, resulting in an empowered workforce and an unrivaled level of service for our clients. We achieve this by following our CORE training philosophy:


Instilling principles and benefits of effective communication with clients, coworkers and customers.


Providing tools and support to create the environment necessary to be successful in a person’s role.


Highlighting the importance of respectful relationships with coworkers, clients, and customers to be successful.


By providing clear expectations for job performance and behaviour while on duty or representing AAI, our staff can complete their daily work to their full potential.

AAI training programs

Using the four CORE training principles, AAI staff undergo ongoing, high-quality training programs to ensure they’re comfortable and able to fulfil their duties. Our training programs include:

AVOP Training ( ALL Types)
D, D Flagger, DA

We provide full airside vehicle movements training, including in-class and in-field elements.


Our marshalling training involves classroom training for interpersonal communication and management of vehicle traffic.

Certified Radio Operators Certificate (R.O.C-A) Training

We have a certified trainer on staff, providing both classroom and field training.

Security Guard Licence Training

Our certified security guard licence trainer is on staff at our YYC base. We are the preferred 3rd party provider at YYZ.

Federal and Provincial Regulatory Compliance Training

A basic requirement for employment, all of our staff have completed the mandatory 4 or 5 modules needed (depending on their position). These can include the AODA, WHMIS, Violence & Harassment in the Workplace, and Human Resources modules.

On-The-Job Training

We complete site and role-specific training proactively, ahead of our staff arriving on-site.

ISpring - Electronic Learning

Our e-learning system keeps a record of each employee’s achievements, which allows easy refresh training to bring existing skills up to the latest standards.

Supervisor Training

All of our supervisors fulfil three key roles in their positions: educators, coaches, and directors. To ensure they have the tools and support they need to perform to their best abilities, we provide a full supervisor training program, with ongoing refresher training to address any challenges they may be facing.

AAI Security

Keeping Up With Refresher & Recurrent Trainings

We believe in keeping our employees at the forefront of their industry. Refresher training sessions are held on a regular basis to keep our team members informed of new processes and procedures, as well as reinforcing the fundamentals.

If a person goes over 90 days between shifts, they’re required to retrain for their position with a refresher session.

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