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Security Escorting Solutions

With over 500 security escorts on staff, AAI is Canada’s largest security escort provider. We have over 30 core fleet vehicles on-hand, with a partnership with the world’s largest rental agency, Enterprise, to provide as many vehicles as necessary for urgent, short-term needs.

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Canada’s largest security escort provider

Our security escort teams are licensed and trained to perform their duties to the highest of standards. Our team completely customize their services to suit your needs, and provide you with the benefits and operational insights of years of industry experience.

AAI security escorts specialize in providing reliable security solutions to help keep your users safe and satisfied at all times.

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Our Security Escorting Solutions


Taxiway & Runway flagging

The AAI team is here to help you maintain your airport’s safety standards while meeting regulatory requirements – we’re licensed professionals who come prepared

Our runway staff are AVOP-D qualified escorts with a proven record of successfully delivering taxiway and runway flagging at the largest airports in Canada. We know what it takes to provide an exceptional service, so our clients’ needs are met with quick response times.

D Escorts

D Escorts

Our highly-trained D Escorts have a thorough understanding of airside operations, safety-focused, and ready to provide the best customer service possible.

All our personnel are ROC-A Certified, with up-to-date security guard licenses so that you can be assured your airport experience is safe for all concerned.

We follow Transport Canada’s latest regulations – including checking passenger identification before boarding an aircraft or entering any restricted area – as well as those set by Industry Canada and Canadian Aviation Regulations; making sure we comply with each agency while giving you complete peace of mind when it comes to guests traveling through your airport.

DA Escorts

DA Escorts

Our experienced DA Escorts put client safety and service above all else, following protocol to guide clients to their desired airside location.

With extensive experience in airside manoeuvring and access knowledge for routing and gates, our DA Escorts follow Transport Canada, airport, and AAI Safety protocols at all times. They’re highly trained in their field of work and have a complete understanding of airside operations and respect for the working environment. All escorts are Provincial Ministry Security Licensed.


Surveillance Escorts

Dedicated to ensuring security and safety measures are consistently met, our surveillance escorts provide a personal touch of professionalism. They are specially trained in secure terminal navigation while following airside and terminal protocols as well as AAI safety measures all with an emphasis on customer service.

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